Gesucht nach

october 9th – moskenesøya

The last town on Lofoten is called Å, because this is the last letter in the Norwegian alphabet. To get there, you follow the E10 which is carving its way around the steep slopes. The mountainsides fall away sharply into the ocean, and only a very narrow strip has been asphalted and fenced. There is so little space here in the corner between horizontal and…


october 8th – flakstad

The area of Flakstad, with its main towns Ramberg, Flakstad and Fredvang, is facing the Norwegian Arctic Sea. On the white sand beaches, wind and waves created beautifully assorted sand patterns. We love to leave foot prints on pristine beaches, but no one dares to cross these patterns here. Their uncanny beauty seems too unique to be disturbed by Nike soles.

Life and death at Lake Palcacocha: Environmental uncertainty in the Peruvian Andes // Part II

Text by Noah Walker-Crawdford; Image by Alexander Luna; –-– In February 2017, national and local authorities gathered to discuss strategies for handling flood risk at Palcacocha and implementing the definitive project. Admiral Zimmerman, a representative of the Peruvian Prime Minister, had flown in to push the stalling efforts forward. Zimmerman was a former Navy commander who had been tasked with overseeing disaster risk management in…


existing territory

The research in the UK and the meeting at the LSE raised the question if the KR-I is, or has ever been existing in its form of an autonomous region. Lacking territorial and economical sovereignty, it is certainly not in its current – post referendum – state. As a result the conflict of the recent past pulls the region rather away from a possible independence…


october 8th – hennigsvaer

I stumbled across a piece by Marguerite Humeau today. That was somewhat unexpected. The Kaviar Factory is the Boros’ Bunker of the north; but with a better view.

a memory scan

Unless I find a way to merge myself into landscape or to declare my bruises and scratches that I collected while hiking to be artworks, I have to rely on digital scanning techniques. Eventually, everything will either be build from quads, cubes, pixels or triangles.

November 20th – man-made moon

Yesterday I learned about the word „Wüstung“ in an exhibition by Lois Weinberger. The english term „devastation“ sounds even more final to me. He said, nature is always in order; . I wonder if this will be the case after we left our planet devastated.

what makes it more real than in a sepia image

In my accommodation in Kabelvåg, old sepia photos and drawings are covering the wooden walls. Kabelvåg must have had an eventful past with town assembly and festivities. People wore festive garments and the little market square was decorated nicely. Like the glass protecting the photo paper, there’s a coating between the now and then, and the us and them. I have no idea how these…



Svolvaer is the capital of Lofoten. It is – like most towns in Lofoten (yes, in Lofoten) located on the eastern side of the islands, where the weather is calmer than on the western half, which is facing the Atlantic Ocean. The view from here to the norwegian mainland is stunning. The people in Svolvaer are – and have always been – depending on fishing….