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Now i brought my pututu, this sound, to germany. It happily survived the flight and is now dozing next to my saxo-tubes, singingpot and flutes-set in my appartments shelf. Crazy to see it here, laying silently, waiting to spread its sound in this new german, european, environment… though, when i arrived back here, i already tried to use it again: I went to Braunschweig to…


20. studiostage

THE NEW MILAN © Marta Colombo, mixed media on paper, 140 x 364 cm, 2016. What kind of relations do exist between old and contemporary buildings? Can connections be unraveled between them and can they be brought into a constructive dialogue? The series THE NEW MILAN visualizes the PROGETTO PORTA NUOVA in Milan translating it on paper. The first outcome of this work is a…


Abschluss – Studio Stage

[noch einmal Dortmund] TAPE RELEASE im GEPÄCK — FLORIAN WALTER spielt zwei meiner NACHZEICHNUNGEN — ich bin begeistert —- TRANSFORMATIONSZYKLUS: Stadtaufnahmen – Klangcollage – Nachzeichnung/Notenblatt – akustische Neuinterpretation —– Dortmund Demo-Version #4 „From Fenix to Forest“ mit Bassklarinette / Dortmund Demo-Version #5 „service-industriell“ mit Querflöte, die Stadt hallt wider in dem Gesang der Instrumente —— im Foyer des Künstlerhauses hängt der Artikel von Tilman Abegg…


studio stage

RuhrResidence 2016 -– und wie war’‘s? Die zehn RuhrResidentInnen lassen die vergangenen zwei Monate mit Präsentationen, Kurzvorträgen, Videos, Klangexperimenten und Installationen Revue passieren. Als Moderatorin führt Benedikte Baumann durch den Abend. Anschließend: Gespräche und Tanz bei Speis und Trank und DJ. Wann: 16.12.2016, 18:00 Uhr Wo: Künstlerhaus Dortmund e.V., Sunderweg 1, 44147 Dortmund  


The sound of Mosna river is present at almost every part of the Chavín site. Its rush appears as an envelope around the temple, without an end, without a rest. And in many ways the sound of moving water is claimed to have played an important role in Chavín culture ceremonies. The site shows a very well constructed drainage canal system ending up in Mosna…



Out of the calm environment surrounding the temple and out of the thin noisy rush of far Mosna river, my steps entered the narrow underground gangways of Chavín de Huántar, its so called „galleries“. I entered total silence. My breath, my steps, my self – we were all alone under ground, in midst of an elaborated 3000-year-old place of former ritual and ceremony. I repeatedly…



My visit to Museo Larco, back in Lima, was short but inspiring. Just before i will leave to Chavín de Huántar tomorrow, i had a second look at some Moche ceramic and conchshell pututus (see photos) and could even play a Moche replica vase that was sculpted by argentinian musician Andres Fortunato who already worked with the museums musical instruments collection, played them, recorded them….



After an extended visit to Pisac archeological site and a tasty recording-e-jugo session at San Pedro market hall, i enjoyed the 21-hours busride back to Lima, driving down the moony highlands in the morning and spending hours driving through the desert along the Pacific coast. Tomorrow I will again visit Museo Larco and finally meet Isabel Collazos of the museums‘ collection… being thankful tTodo gain…