Axel Braun, LUCTOR ET EMERGO, Delta Werken (Neeltje Jaans), 2016, Copyright by Axel Braun.

Axel Braun, LUCTOR ET EMERGO, installation view, K√ľnstlerhaus Dortmund e.V., December 16, 2016.

Thanks a lot to KunstVereineRuhr for this great initiative! The GO travel grant allowed me to finally embark on a long-planned case study about the history of land reclamation in the Netherlands. During the working period from October to December 2016 I could provide a solid base for the ongoing case study by collecting archive material and scouting locations that I plan to revisit during 2017. During these visits I will elaborate the photographs and videos that will compliment my collection of archive material. The STUDIO STAGE on December 16, 2016 was a great opportunity to present first excerpts from the ongoing project.

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