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blue dots in space or the motion of my right wrist


configuration deviation

miss world

Miss World 1994, Aishwarya Rai is a Manglik

Displacement / State-Building

‚Continuity in the use of displacement as a form of statecraft has not just been characteristic to Kurdish state-building following the fall of the Ba’thist regime. It has been a distinctive trait of developments in…

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during the last week I started selecting interactive animations as projection material that visually integrate points and lines. eventually the patterns will change according to the dancers movements…

Eternal burden

The Reden pit in Schiffweiler (1846/47) was one of the most important in the Saar-Lothringian mining district. Save the water retention, it was shut down in 1995. Today, next to five others, it is one…

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“I am a school teacher not willing to disclose my identity. I had an affair which my parents didn’t really appreciated. However, struggling against all odds we finally decided to get married. We consulted an…

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