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Luftleerer Raum

** Tonight a first meeting in my studio at Kunsthaus Essen. A large projection, 6 meters wide, as perfect private stage for the first video work I realized out from my „New Experiments on Vacua“ acted here in the Ruhr area during last days…  plus… good Italian wine while dialoguing. #RuhrResidenceRETURN    

6. palazzo lombardia

Milano. Isola, Palazzo Lombardia (Lombardy Building). Palazzo Lombardia  is a complex of buildings  including a 39-storey, 161.3 m.  It is the main seat of the government of Lombardy and it is located in the Centro Direzionale di Milano (Directional Centre of Milan district). It was first inaugurated on January 2010. Palazzo Lombardia was designed by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, the winners of an international…



** In the right place, in the right moment. The mentors of my Ruhr residence experience are Lisa und Volker of Kunst am Moltkeplatz KaM. We had an interesting evening of conversation and I discovered that its  president Volker Wagenitz is geophysicist. The day after he found out for me**some geological maps of part of the Ruhr area showing the coal-bearing layers of Carboniferous age and where they were…


Mapping the Territory

During the next days I will visit archives and museums around the Ijsselmeer, formerly known as Zuiderzee. Furthermore, I will try to locate historical coastlines in the contemporary landscapes. Image: Nieuwe beschrijvinghe der Graefschap Hollandt met de landen daer an grensen grundtlijck en perfekt gemaeckt ; Ioannes à Duetecum excudebat [Haarlem], Ioannes á Duetecum, 1585, (Detail) Copyright by University of Amsterdam


** Before I worked on visualizing the visible and  invisible energy, now I want to move the attention of my research to the idea of ‘humus’, of ground and underground as a metaphor for the known and the unknown. The project takes the cue from the identity of the Ruhr area, of its environment. I’d like to use this word referring to the natural world ‘all around’ because the word…


strong focus #1

tickets are booked: i will be in Athens from october 29 until november 26.