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athens 3 / #polytexneio

17. November 2016: ab ca. 16 Uhr: kreisende Hubschrauber. Bars, Cafés und Läden schließen. ab ca. 20 Uhr: Tränengas zieht von den Strassen auf meinen Balkon. ab und zu Explosionen. Das Polytechnikum ist ein Häuserblock entfernt. 17. November 1973: Studentenaufstand am Polytechnikum in Athen. Beginn des Niedergangs der Papadopulos-Diktatur. Wörterbuch der griechischen Militärjunta / copyright: 2016 documenta und Museum Fridericianum gGmbH / the artist Aussicht:…



I am getting more and more prepared to finally visit Chavín. I already saw some overwhelming museum collections at Museo Larco, Museo Nacional de Arqueología, Antropología e Historia del Peru and Museo Amano which had some later Moche pututus on display. It was exciting to find out that e.g. the Moches used not only pututus for sound production but aswell a sort of two-necked pottery….


18. district development

Milano. Porta Nuova (Porta Nuova Project). The Progetto Porta Nuovahas been under construction since the late 2000s, includes several modern high rise buildings, cultural centres, and a large city park. This project effects areas from the neighborhoods of Isola, Varesine and Porta Garibaldi. Construction started in 2009, with completion planned in 2014. The project involves the work of noted architects such as Cesar Pelli, Stefano…