blue dots in space or the motion of my right wrist


configuration deviation

miss world

Miss World 1994, Aishwarya Rai is a Manglik

Displacement / State-Building

‚Continuity in the use of displacement as a form of statecraft has not just been characteristic to Kurdish state-building following the fall of the Ba’thist regime. It has been a distinctive trait of developments in…



during the last week I started selecting interactive animations as projection material that visually integrate points and lines. eventually the patterns will change according to the dancers movements…


Die Grube Reden in Schiffweiler (1846/47) war eine der wichtigsten im saarländisch-lothringischen Bergbaurevier. 1995 wurde sie, bis auf die Wasserhaltung, stillgelegt. Heute ist sie, neben fünf anderen, der wichtigste Wasserhaltungsstandort im Saarland. Jährlich werden dort…



“I am a school teacher not willing to disclose my identity. I had an affair which my parents didn’t really appreciated. However, struggling against all odds we finally decided to get married. We consulted an…