Ruhr Residence 2017

IV Extraction

Extraction of resources from would-be state‘s territory and population to be able to carry out I – III

II State Making

Eliminate or neutralise competitors inside the territory  

The Four Activities Of State Building

According to Max Weber the state is “a human community that (successfully) claims the monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force within a given territory. (…) James Tilly then suggests that state-building processes are…

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The Duhamel Pithead Stocks are the largest in the Saarland. They belong to the Duhamelschacht which is part of the Bergwerk Saar. It commenced operations in 1815 and remained the last in service in the…

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6. October – Kiruna

Landing in Kiruna might have been one of my life’s most stunning experiences. Kiruna is the northernmost city of Sweden, and while looking at the sunset and the snowy mountaintops around Kebnekaise on the horizon,…

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Kiruna – below ground, above ground

Kiruna grew around the ore mines in Kiirunavaara (749 above sea level) und Luossavaara (729 m above sea level). After the establishment of the Malmbanen – the rail track from Luleå, Sweden to Narvik, Norway,…

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Ein langes Treffen mit einem Geographen und Bergbau-Experten in Saarbrücken. Stundenlanges Wälzen unterschiedlich alter geologischer Karten und Bergbaukarten. Das Aufrollen der historischen Entwicklung des saarländischen Bergbaus – im Unterschied zur jenen im Ruhrgebiet. Die Frage…

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