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Axel Braun (born 1983 in D├╝sseldorf, GER) deals with how man-made landscapes act as a mirror for political, economic, social and ecological processes. Simple photographic impressions are not enough for him: he heightens the experience with the help of historical, literary and art-historical references and thereby scrutinises the classic conventions of presentation.

The Netherlands are not only famous for their extraordinary, man-made landscapes but they also made an impact on their own genre of landscape painting. During his research journey, Braun searches for selected landscape paintings in museums and archives on the one hand and for suitable examples of present landscapes. He plans to correlate the history of land reclamation areas, polders, dykes and hydrologic facilities but also the scenes of historic catastrophes like storm surges and the bursting of dykes with their present appearance through photographic and video artworks.

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Axel Braun, LUCTOR ET EMERGO, Delta Werken (Neeltje Jaans), 2016, Copyright by Axel Braun. Axel Braun, LUCTOR ET EMERGO, installation view, K├╝nstlerhaus Dortmund e.V., December 16, 2016. Thanks a lot to KunstVereineRuhr for this great…

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