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Remote sensing II

A single genre, a single style, a cohesive composition are all things that are foreign to Lena von Goedeke (*1983). But still, in all of her work, the one can find the crystallisation of a common theme: the visualisation of data via surfaces. Be it papercuts, copper piping, marble, felt, or glass and wood – she uses all the artistic and technical tools at her disposal to sometimes even grasp the immeasurable, like sand, air, or atmosphere. Art and science are in constant interplay.

This is why Goedeke is drawn to Norway, to Andøya Space Center in the Vesterålen. It is home to one of the few research stations for “remote sensing”, a methodology for surface scanning and sampling. At the station, eight nations work toward understanding climate and atmosphere. Goedeke wants to contact these researchers to gain an insight into the metrology and collect data on polar recession and other connected phenomena.

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