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The smooth and striated

Esther Manon Siddiquie (*1990 in Bochum) works as a choreographer and performance artist. As such, she is always on the blurry line between performance and dance. Influenced by film and the visual arts, Siddiquie is active in the Ruhr Area, Berlin, New York and London.

In New York, she worked on an interdisciplinary approach to the differences between voluntary and involuntary migration and mobility – based on Gilles Deleuze’s and Felix Guattaris’ theory of the smooth and the striated space. Through dance performances she visualises sedentary and nomadic behaviour on the example of the relation of point and line: While the point dominates the line in sedentary cultures, one point is placed, a second one is added and both are connected with a line; nomadic cultures experience the line dominating the point. Instead of measuring relations and distances, the nomad moves on, always ahead. His map shows not geometry, but the line created by his path.

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40°42′51″ N 74°00′21″ W 57 m My research in New York is based on the idea of smooth and striated spaces. Smooth meaning amorphous, nomadic and striated meaning metric, measurable, sedentary. [image: Inline image 1]…

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The theory on the smooth and the striated is based on Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattaris thoughts on sedentary and nomadic lifestyles and behaviors within our culture. One aspect of their theory compares the relationship…

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Comparing the ways ancient Greeks and Romans organized space, is a striking example for Deleuze-Guattaris spatial theory. One could argue that the Greeks invented architectural striation: Not only did they invent the famous geometric grid,…

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points and lines in space insides into my movement research on the nomadic and the sedentary. translating theory into movement.


inspecting regular arrangements


“Even the most striated city gives rise to smooth spaces: to live in the city as a nomad, or as a cave dweller. Movements, speed and slowness, are sometimes enough to reconstruct a smooth space….

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picture from ‘The Smooth and The Striated’ movement research shot taken by New York based photographer Emma Pratte at Jack Chrystal Theater in Manhatten.