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Building Identity – Post-war architecture in the Ruhr area

Kristin Wenzel (*1983 in Gotha, currently based in Bucharest) has recently shifted towards moving her work into the public space. With installations, sculptures and interventions, she rethinks the city as an experiential space and architecture as a space of remembrance. In 2018, she co-founded Template, an artist initiative and exhibition project in Bucharest. The pro­ject fo­cuses on ac­ti­vat­ing var­i­ous un­used ar­chi­tec­tural struc­tures lo­cated through­out the city by ren­der­ing them as tem­po­rary, scaled-down ex­hi­bi­tion sites. In a move away from the local Socialist Modernist architecture, she shifts her activity to Recklinghausen’s post-war architecture of the Ruhr Area. Thanks to the Big Beautiful Buildings initiative, this architecture receives renewed attention and appreciation that Wenzel wants to establish a connection to.

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