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9. Die Texasdeutschen

During my research trip I had the luck to meet different people with German roots. They told me what importance German culture has for themselves and what traditions they still cultivate today.

Arrivals / Ankünfte

Der Bus braucht für die Strecke vom Flughafen ins Stadtzentrum etwa 1 Stunde. Der Anflug auf  Incheon Airport geht über die vorgelagerten Inselgruppen hinweg.  


More than 30 years since demolition dredgers and bulldozers rolled up and down over dead and dead rock, without knowing who or what they were paving the way here. Meanwhile, the work is done, gradually…

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With the subway I drive towards the city center to watch the famous evening light show, which futuristically stages the imposing skyline. Shenzhen Special Economic Zone celebrates the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening…

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