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Displacement / State-Building

‚Continuity in the use of displacement as a form of statecraft has not just been characteristic to Kurdish state-building following the fall of the Ba’thist regime. It has been a distinctive trait of developments in Iraq’s internationally sponsored post-Saddam reconstruction and endures to date.‘ Sabrina Frutig – ‚Past and Present: The Interrelation of Displacement and State-Building in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan’


during the last week I started selecting interactive animations as projection material that visually integrate points and lines. eventually the patterns will change according to the dancers movements…


Die Grube Reden in Schiffweiler (1846/47) war eine der wichtigsten im saarländisch-lothringischen Bergbaurevier. 1995 wurde sie, bis auf die Wasserhaltung, stillgelegt. Heute ist sie, neben fünf anderen, der wichtigste Wasserhaltungsstandort im Saarland. Jährlich werden dort knapp 14 Mio. Kubikmeter Grubenwasser gefördert. Grubenwasser ist Regenwasser, das im Boden versickert und durch das Gestein in die Tiefe absinkt. Um Schächte und Abbaustrecken trocken zu halten und Steinkohle…



“I am a school teacher not willing to disclose my identity. I had an affair which my parents didn’t really appreciated. However, struggling against all odds we finally decided to get married. We consulted an anstrologer and to our surprise he said that I was a Manglik. Both me and my husband chose not to pay it any need. But we also decided not to tell this to our family, in a fear that it might put our marriage in jeopardy.”

Census, Map, Museum

‘Benedict Anderson offers some insights on the territorial aspect that help to create the ‚imagination’ of nation-states and considers the census, the map and the museum as three institutions that shaped colonial states’ imagination of their territory. For Anderson, the census showed the nature of the human beings the state ruled, the map illustrated the geography of their domain and museums represented the legitimacy of…


a thin layer

Imagine the earth to be as small as a billiard ball. Then breathe onto it. The layer inside of which human life is possible – from the few meters of depth we can dive into the ocean without being asphyxiated by pressure, to the height of the mountains of Himalaya- this layer is only as thin in relation to planet earth, as the steam of…