Tormorrow i will leave for Peru. Puh!!! My tools are packed and i will bring two of my teapots, some rubber tubes, a collection of mouthpieces, my voice and lungs, both of my hands… I am curious how to provoke some telling resonance in Chavín with this extra-simple tool kit, how to confuse perception and use blowing-sounds to activate this labyrinth-architecture. Happy to go and confront the ancient gangways with the outflow of my pots’ hollow bellies… assuming my mics will burst, hoping to catch a glimpse of something far gone within the very present, claiming to know something – in the open end.

My first days i will spend in bigbig Lima having a closer look at the exhibited ancient Chavín strombus Pututus at the many National Museums in town. After that, i will make my way up up up to the mountains’ long back… Puh!

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