The sound of Mosna river is present at almost every part of the Chavín
site. Its rush appears as an envelope around the temple, without an end,
without a rest. And in many ways the sound of moving water is claimed to
have played an important role in Chavín culture ceremonies. The site
shows a very well constructed drainage canal system ending up in Mosna
river. Some claim that it aswell enabled water to rush through the
underground galleries during ritual procedures accompanying the pututus
sound. Maybe.

In any way the galleries were extra-super-mega silent when i visited
them, so i went down to the river to catch some strong water rush. Again
i let it swip into the pututu and when placing the shell in a certain
distance to the river the rush was filtered until it recieved a humming
overtone. It turned out to be the perfect spot for excessive picknick

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