Now i brought my pututu, this sound, to germany. It happily survived the
flight and is now dozing next to my saxo-tubes, singingpot and
flutes-set in my appartments shelf. Crazy to see it here, laying
silently, waiting to spread its sound in this new german, european,
environment… though, when i arrived back here, i already tried to use
it again: I went to Braunschweig to play a concert and as a matter of
course i took my pututu, just to find out then, it felt absolutely
strange to play it in this very context, socially and in terms of sound.
Crazy to hear it here, sounding diffetrently, even more displaced next
to synths and cello than within Lima traffic activity. During our final
Ruhr Residence event at Künstlerhaus Dortmund i installed some
recordings of this pututu that spread across the entire interlaced
groundfloor of the building, sorrounded by straight walls through rather
undefined territory. Crazy to observe it there, appearing as a stranger,
strong in presence and uprooted from it’s origin in cheap and far away

I am deeply thankful in numerous ways to many people. First of all to
friends Blas Isasi Gutierez and Claudia Benavides for introducing me to
Lima- and Peru-life and for sharing their time thoughts place in Lima
with me, making it a soft base for the whole of my trip. Fred Clarke
Alvarez and Bruno Benavides for the precious talks about ancient
instruments sounds and the big shadows allaround. Isabel Collazos for
offering rare insights into the Museo Larcos Collection and providing me
with contacts for further research. The guards at Chavín de Huántar for
their patience. The many people i met on the buses and in the streets
who shared thoughts and offered recommendations, who made my time a very
precious one. And, not least, i am thankful for the opportunity to GO,
thanks to KunstvereineRuhr – in particular Linda Schröer (Dortmunder
Kunstverein) and Peter Schmieder (Künstlerhaus Dortmund). What a
generous meaningful gift!

Things and sounds will continue now and my pututu won’t keep silent here
in my shelf. It’s time to try out what kind of contemporary resonance
this instrument may induce around here. Crazy to imagine it at Limbecker
Platz, Rombergpark or Kleingartenverein XY, sounding out the now and
here. Far away from the past and there… This time, here, it may be the
native sounding out the strange. Not so much the stranger playing out
the well known. Puhh!

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