The theory on the smooth and the striated is based on Gilles Deleuze and
Felix Guattaris thoughts on
sedentary and nomadic lifestyles and behaviors within our culture.
One aspect of their theory compares the relationship of points and lines
within our cultural orientation.
The point dominates over the line in sedentary culture. One point is
placed, another point is added, the distance is measured, a line
establishes a connection between the points. A multiplicity of lines
becomes a geometrical grid. North, south, east, west – a map ,striates the
space’ and allows for free orientation.

Nomadic motion in space emphasises the line above the point.
Instead of measuring distances and connections, linear pathways arise out
of the progression in space, without following a geometrical map. The line
is not straight, but curved and where a river blocks the way its direction
changes. The line appears in the moment and ideally adapts to outside
circumstances. Only where there is a line, points are being drawn. Points
of rest, as well as points to look further into the distance.

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