Lünen | Geschwister-Scholl school

My first trip during my Research Residency about post-war architecture in the Ruhr area took me to Lünen. The Geschwister-Scholl school in Lünen is one of the most important examples of post-war modern schools. It was designed by famous Berlin based architect Hans Scharoun and realized from 1956 to 1962. Since 1985 the building is under monumental protection. Build as a girls` highschool, it was one of the first modern school buildings for higher education for women at that time. Scharoun’s credo was to build a school for the students. This was visible both in his designs and in his building. At the Geschwister-Scholl school, the architect built a room for the student representation right next to the auditorium, while he banished the Headmaster’s office to the back of the building.


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