Ruhr Residence 2018

ANIMA where are you?

1999: According to the idea of André Heller, a magical park was to be created as part of the city project “Bochum Innenstadt West.” An official pamphlet said: “ANIMA – a quiet place of meditative…

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Escape Velocity

„HORN? That’s where people have to go now?“ ,someone from a larger German documentary film Festival once said to me. Horn is the sixth part of hamburg’s city and always seemed pretty normal to me….

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traces, starting in the local

The situation in the territorial in between can be fixed and examined in places like harbors or free trade zones. Threat scenarios or the traces of past wars are part of this development. At the…

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What does it mean to be a part of the EU?

Croatia is the most recent country to join the EU. What has been the EU membership’s actual effect for Croatians? Photo from Macedonia, a candidate for EU membership.


The megacity Shenzhen is located in the south of Guangdong Province on the Pearl River in southern China and connects the metropolis of Hong Kong with the Chinese mainland. With a population of more than…

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Arrived – place taken

Freshly arrived here in Marrakech. With real life, the Lifestyle of the tourists here has nothing to do. What to do in Marrakech? Visit this, shop that, smoke things, good price. The flown guests from…

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