Thank you for your applications!
Soon we will continue with the first research reports of the 9 RuhrResidents.


With its basic understanding of the Ruhr region as an experimental domain, laboratory, and space of opportunity and possibility, KunstVereineRuhr – a collaboration of about 15 art associations and artists’ residences from the Ruhr region – developed the concept “Ruhr.Residence”. As part of the new regional initiative for the individual support of artists and creatives (IKF), the project, which was launched as a pilot in 2016 and 2017 continues in 2018.

The RuhrResidence consists of the domains GO and RETURN.

Go applies to in-situ artists: in form of a scholarship, eight Ruhr artists get the chance to travel to a country they deem relevant to their advancement as artists.

Return brings international artists living outside of the Ruhr-Area into the region: during a research phase that can last up to two months, they were given the opportunity to develop concepts and crucial questions for new works of art. In 2018, the location available for a residency is Recklinghausen.