With its basic understanding of the Ruhr-Area as an experimental domain, laboratory, and place of opportunity and possibility, KunstVereineRuhr – a collaboration of about 17 art associations and Künstlerhäuser from the Ruhr-Area – developed the innovative concept of a multidimensional RuhrResidence based on successfully conducted artist-in-residence programmes.
As part of the new regional initiative for the Individual Support of Artists and Creatives (IKF) by the Ministry of Culture and Economics, the project takes place for the third time in 2018.

The RuhrResidence branches into two formats of residence: GO and RETURN

GO is dedicated to local artists: through the form of a travel grant eight artists form the Ruhr-Area are provided the possibility to travel to a country of their choice, relevant to their artistic and professional development.

RETURN brings artists that live and work outside of the Ruhr-Area into the region: during a research period of up to two months they have the possibility to develop concepts and questions regarding new approaches to their artistic work. Following Dortmund, Essen and Bochum, this year Recklinghausen is host to the RuhrResidence, that will further travel the Ruhr-Area in the future.