It is okay to cry here

Wandering and wondering around the Phoenix See: a very own world which I don`t understand yet.

ThyssenKrupp Archiv

On Monday I have been at the ThyssenKrupp archive. Many Thanks to Mister Andreas Zilt who excavated some amazing documents for me. It would be great to take these documents with me, which is not…



Comparing the ways ancient Greeks and Romans organized space, is a striking example for Deleuze-Guattaris spatial theory. One could argue that the Greeks invented architectural striation: Not only did they invent the famous geometric grid,…



The island groups of Lofoten and Vesteralen in Norway are the northernmost islands with a average temperature above zero. Their location near the lofot shelf, touched by the north atlantic stream and spoiled by polar…



And also I had a meeting with Dr. Andrea Zupancic in the Stadtarchiv Dortmund, which was also important for my research. Thank you for the prospect of the old images. What was interesting for me…


Willi Garth

Last week I had a meeting with Willi Garth, the chairman of the Hörder Heimatverein: three hours of history of Dortmund and Hörde. There is no chance to find this kind of informations in a…


Vanille und Verve

Dieses Polaroid Foto habe ich vor 5 Jahren in Traversères aufgenommen. Die beiden Mérenspferde sind Einheimische aus der Gegend. Sie trinken aus dem alten Brunnen, aus dem wir kurz vorher einen toten Fisch geholt haben….



The theory on the smooth and the striated is based on Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattaris thoughts on sedentary and nomadic lifestyles and behaviors within our culture. One aspect of their theory compares the relationship…