Working on a detail to address a universal concept. Stimulated to develop a project related to the Ruhr area, I realized a new work, in some parts allegorical and elsewhere abstracted from context. So much so that I was asked to expose it in a group exhibition in Milan at the Riccardo Crespi gallery: “Anthropocene” that can be visited now for the last days. The exhibition starts from a text of the Italian philosopher Paola Cavalieri who closes her title with a question mark. Indeed, all the text lists objective observations on the present disharmonious relationship between human world and natural world, which correspond to as many questions about the possible practices to be adopted at a stage that looks “point of no return.” I like to close my project with a question mark that makes us not desist from thinking and make people think.

“What can be the answer of the -even if a minority- intellectual opposition area able to seize the moral – and basically also aesthetic – diseases that the majority of society still struggle to see?” Paola Cavalieri


Stefano Cagol ‘New Experiments on Vacua (Pickaxe)’ 2016. 40×60 cm , fine art printing on metallic silver paper, wood framed, museum glass.
Installation view @ “Anthropocene”, group show, Riccardo Crespi gallery, Milano, November, 2016 – January, 2017
Artists in the photo: Stefano Cagol, Ingar Krauss, Gal Weinstein, Simone Cametti
Courtesy Galleria Riccardo Crespi and the artists
Photos by Melania Dalle Grave


Stefano Cagol, ‘The consequences of Vacua’, 2016, HD video projection + print on dibond, 60x90cm.
Studiostage Ruhr residence,, Künstlerhaus Dortmud.  Photos by Ida Andrae


‘Wie war`s?’  Dortmund

12. Januar 2017 – von Claudia Posca


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