** RUHR-MAPS-geological-mapIn the right place, in the right moment. The mentors of my Ruhr residence experience are Lisa und Volker of Kunst am Moltkeplatz KaM. We had an interesting evening of conversation and I discovered that its  president Volker Wagenitz is geophysicist. The day after he found out for me**some geological maps of part of the Ruhr area showing the coal-bearing layers of Carboniferous age and where they were on the surface… A surface that becomes deep and the mine industry followed it creating vacuum in the depth. I would call it ‘ewige vacuum’. Even if many tunnels are now filled, the empty distance between human and nature is not always fillable and there are lasting side effects (such us the pollution of deep water and continuous pumping of water against raising of its level) that are called ‘ewigkeitskosten den bergwork’.RUHR-MAPS-geological-map-2RUHR-ROUTE

When I was a kid the house of my family was on a hill in the Alps and I remember a technician coming and doing geotechnical investigations shooting to the ground, generating surface explosions with a gun and measuring the diffusion of waves to understand the develop of – unseen – rocks.

RUHR-MAPS-geological-cross-sectionWe shoot to the ground.

We hurt it.

We kill it.




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