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Stefano Cagol (born 1969 in Trento, ITA) commits himself to video and photographical works, to installation as well as performance art dealing with the visualization of the invisible. Often, the audience becomes a part of this, mostly interdisciplinary, process.

In 2014, Cagol already visited the Ruhr region within the frameworks of the VISIT scholarship of RWE (nowadays: innogy) and started to experiment with the possibilities to transform energy into artistic works. With the use of electronic devices, which are perceived as cold and neutral, he tries to produce poetic outcomes. In 2014 he therefore made use of an infrared camera. He is interested in the large-scale extension of the underground system of Essen, whereat above and below are to be seen as a metaphor for the known and the unknown.

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** I already had the opportunity to come to the Ruhr area in 2014, thanks a prize called Visit program by RWE-Stiftung/today: innogy-Stiftung (they award every year one artist of the area and an international one). In…

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** Before I worked on visualizing the visible and  invisible energy, now I want to move the attention of my research to the idea of ‘humus’, of ground and underground as a metaphor for the known and…

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** In the right place, in the right moment. The mentors of my Ruhr residence experience are Lisa und Volker of Kunst am Moltkeplatz KaM. We had an interesting evening of conversation and I discovered that its…

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Luftleerer Raum

** Tonight a first meeting in my studio at Kunsthaus Essen. A large projection, 6 meters wide, as perfect private stage for the first video work I realized out from my “New Experiments on Vacua”…

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** The German language uses the term verwildert referring to a landscape that is so natural and untouched to be wild. But verwildert is more wild, even if the root appears immediately the same: the prefix ver- contains the…

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The Coal Road

** I was talking about coincidences: last one was really surprising me because it was bringing me just along a ‘coal road’, opened new opportunities for development and confirmed that my projects are connected one…

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Underground monument

** On my way back from Bohemia to Essen I stopped by the Hermanndenksmal: the Arminius monument in the Teutoburg forest (I came back in the area 8 years after my performance at MARTa Herford…

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To look underground …

** Trying to look underground. Maybe in a future where there are only ruins, but where nature has resisted. Perhaps yet another affront to the affected nature. Perhaps an attempt to save it. Perhaps to…

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The consequences of vacua

** Mankind has to think about consequences of its actions. In particular toward nature. Maria Nordman, ten or more years ago, told me that we have to reflect both on a site-specific and time-specific way,…

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