More than 30 years since demolition dredgers and bulldozers rolled up and down over dead and dead rock, without knowing who or what they were paving the way here. Meanwhile, the work is done, gradually and sometimes more, sometimes less, the terrain was released for moderate Verwilderung. As a result, a variant of nature can be discovered, which timidly clings to the leftover concoctions. It grows but does not present itself. The flora and fauna around the Jahrhunderthalle are scattered and seek out the niches on which they can set their day on their adventures. Who jogs through the West Park, may understand that the sovereignty was redistributed here, because no flower grows here, only to please, even if every distance between the poplars was fathomed so meticulously.

When the ANIMA Park opened in Morocco, it should look like it had been growing for decades. The first delivery olive trees was promptly sent back. Too straight the branches, to pruned altogether. Instead, gnarled, overgrowing, 200-year-old olive trees were planted, according to the Jardin’s own shop publication to ANIMA. Many plants have been delivered as they do not grow in the region itself. The constellation of the wild garden: an arrangement, an installation, somehow baroque.

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