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re:ANIMA – a holographic theme park and radio guide for Bochum

Viviane Lennert ages slowly, but with determination. All the while scrutinising the logic of her surroundings. Overconfidently and with haste she loves tackling multiple projects, looking for the wit, the glamour, the conspiracies and the impossibilities of this world. In the 1990s, there were plans to build a magical park for the Weststadt area, stricken by structural change and abandoned by industry: André Heller wanted to endow the area with an enchanted ANIMA park, set to change the place’s identity far beyond the borders of Northrhine-Westphalia. It did not happen.

What happened: Heller’s ANIMA park was opened in 2016, close to Marrakesh. What remains of the Bochum ANIMA park? Is it a place for two places? Is Bochum’s Westpark now in Marrakesh? ANIMA is a rare phenomenon. A place for two places. A place, that affects the fabric that surrounds it.

We want to summon it, the ghost of ANIMA. 20 years of no ANIMA Bochum and now it’s here! Holographically and thus secretly, this idea of a counterproject to industrial culture? will emerge once again and become a stage to whatever may condense on it. Discover the Marrakesh ANIMA park, here. Let’s GO!

Text: Viviane Lennert

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