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Properties of Lace

In his photographic work, Jan Lemitz (*1971 in Düsseldorf) focuses on the current media visibility of refugees and migration and their photographic traces in the depths of space, time and content. Between Calais, Duisburg, Tijuana and the Seoul metropolitan area he examines the massive development of industrial manufacturing, territorial geopolitical transformations, the tangible presence of borders and the resulting changes to the urban landscape.

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traces, starting in the local

The situation in the territorial in between can be fixed and examined in places like harbors or free trade zones. Threat scenarios or the traces of past wars are part of this development. At the…

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Stadt I Natur

At least ideally, the closeness to nature is not in contrast to the way massively new construction projects change urban space. It is the everyday places where this paradoxical closeness becomes visible.

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Der Bus braucht für die Strecke vom Flughafen ins Stadtzentrum etwa 1 Stunde. Der Anflug auf  Incheon Airport geht über die vorgelagerten Inselgruppen hinweg.