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Mapping the City

At the interface of photography and media installation, Tania Reinicke (*1976 in Daun) examines the relationship between image space and the viewer’s imaginatory space. The intense scrutiny of the relationship between architecture, space and the human being leads her to the city of tomorrow and with that to the question which signs of past, present and future can be acquired visually. Her field work begins in a city that has changed from village to megacity in a mere thirty years: Shenzhen in China is regarded as the workshop for the future.

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Hidden behind gleaming metropolitan facades and architectural visions of the future, the urban life of past and present times becomes visible.


The view from the hotel room sticks to the skyline of Overseas Chinese Town in Shenzhen. Social and architectural structures overlap and consolidate in the picture area to a new order.


The night sets in early in the south of China, the bright and mostly gray urban scene is transformed into an artificial landscape, the shimmering light transforms the daytime inconspicuous scenes of the city to…

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Looking at the hidden, quiet neighborhood, which did not have to give way to the gleaming and anonymous high-rise buildings, I notice details that make life in the urban quarter so special, nature conquering its…

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MAPPING SHENZHEN Huaquinagbei did not deserve the nickname for nothing. Here, buildings are lined up with buildings in which the electronic marketplaces line up seamlessly. Here you can buy everything the digital heart desires. The…

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MAPPING SHENZHEN Huaquinagbei is a shopping paradise of superlatives, here one flagship store and electronic market joins the other. Contemporary music infuses the visually clearly designed and tidy urban space and takes the viewer into…

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MAPPING SHENZHEN Built in the 90s, Diwang Dasha was China’s first and tallest skyscraper. Overlooked by more skyscrapers today, here’s a new look of the city. About the size of the Ruhr area, the white…

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MAPPING SHENZHEN About 30 years ago, Prime Minister Deng Xiaoping ordered to build the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. The OCT Lofts are former factory buildings dating back to the time of origin of the city…

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MAPPING SHENZHEN In the light of the night things appear differently than in the gray light by day. Islands of artificial light uncover the signs, structures and uses of urban life in the midst of…

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