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Mapping the City

At the interface of photography and media installation, Tania Reinicke (*1976 in Daun) examines the relationship between image space and the viewer’s imaginatory space. The intense scrutiny of the relationship between architecture, space and the human being leads her to the city of tomorrow and with that to the question which signs of past, present and future can be acquired visually. Her field work begins in a city that has changed from village to megacity in a mere thirty years: Shenzhen in China is regarded as the workshop for the future.

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The megacity Shenzhen is located in the south of Guangdong Province on the Pearl River in southern China and connects the metropolis of Hong Kong with the Chinese mainland. With a population of more than…

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Hongkong// Framing the city

Garden View, the name is program. The hotel rests in the so-called mid-levels accessible via the Central Mid-Levels Escalator, a system of escalators that connects the Central and Mid-Levels neighborhoods. Overlooking the surrounding cityscape and…

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Above the ramified and busy streets that meander through the narrow and steep skyscraper gullies, there is a vast but equally confusing tunnel, staircase and bridge system that allows residents and visitors to the City…

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Same Same But Different

With the passing view from above into the street canyons of Hong Kong, the same view results again and again into narrow, densely built streets and nested architectural structures. The small differences are visible only…

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It is a special task in Hong Kong to find their own way through the urban jungle, but there are always new visual axes within the densely built-up cityscape.


The last night in Hong Kong, I roam the botanical garden at night, an oasis of calm in the midst of a bustling metropolis.


With the Peak Tram – Swiss construction -, it goes steeply up to the Victoria Peak, I leave the Peak Tower behind me and run down the Old Peak Path. The sounds of the jungle…

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The high-speed train connects Hong Kong and Shenzhen, it only takes a few minutes to get to the mainland. Arriving in Shenzhen, I first explored the OTC neighborhood, a mix of fast-growing high-rise buildings and…

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A mixture of artificially created harbour with lake, shopping and gastronomy areas from all over the world. During the day, it seems like a surreal ghost town to come to life colorfully enlightened at night.