The German language uses the term verwildert referring to a landscape that is so natural and untouched to be wild. But verwildert is more wild, even if the root appears immediately the same: the prefix ver- contains the trait of evolution, of passage, of change of state. Is nature not a static concept? We use to think about nature not in a static way: we trigger a process of subtraction. Taking out pollution from the air; additives out from the food; leashes and cages far from animals; houses, factories, cars, streets… and more… and more… and more out from the landscape. Subtracting, subtracting, subtracting, you can arrive to zero. Zero is the void. But we can arrive even below zero. According to the main metaphor of my Ruhr Residence project, we can say that you arrive below the level ground. But here in the Ruhr area there is the trace of human presence strong even beneath the surface. So clumps of grass rise in the air. Maybe looking for new planets where to live, maybe wanting to create new ones. Where any human being has never been present. This can be a vision of what the guests saw yesterday evening by my studio during the special screening of my first video work of the “New experiments on vacua”.


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